Volunteers Susanne Noessel and Ann Joyce accessioning new donations

Volunteers are Needed for the Following Brooklin Keeping Society Projects

List of Volunteer Jobs

  1. Create notebooks for collection of antique postcards.
  2. Inventory and add protective paper for photos & manuscripts.
  3. File newspaper articles.
  4. Inventory and conserve pages of photo albums.
  5. Accession items that have been recently received by Keeping Society.
  6. Interview local residents and/or transcribe oral history tapes.
  7. Compile information on local boatbuilding & fishing.

Contact brooklinks123@gmail.com for more information.

Volunteer projects 2016

Vol Bob Johnson 2
Bob Johnson, a new volunteer at BKS, busy storing new donations. BKS thanks you.
Vol Ann Joyce Duncan Kane
Ann Joyce training new volunteer Duncan Kane the process of accessioning new donations. Duncan was a fast learner. Thank you for all the work helping BKS.
Vol Ginny Gersch
Volunteer Ginny Gersch sorting the Goddard collection as the first step to accessioning the collection. Great find. Thanks Ginny.